The company was incorporated in March of 2006 with the main objective of offering the market a higher level of excellence in manufacturing. With over 15 Years of Experience in manufacturing, CNC programming, fixture design, manufacturing control systems and CAD design, its organizers felt that there was a need for a qualified CNC machine shop that would be able to provide a manufacturing environment with experienced and quality conscious personnel that would be able to offer its customers quality and reliability. From inception to the present day, Jeda continues to specialize and excel in the CNC Machining of very close tolerance high precision components. Our singular focus on meeting the needs of an ever changing manufacturing industry has lead us to expand our services to include: anodizing and laser etching.
Mission Statement
"Quality beyond Expectations" It's the way we do business
It is our continuing determination to provide the most reliable and efficient service,
quality components and an ethical, professional organization second to none.